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We should be proud of our community's roadways, and we want to keep them neat and clean. Groups can adopt a one-mile section of roadway, and are then responsible for a minimum of four cleanups a year. All of the supplies you will need to complete your group's cleanups will be provided by KACB. Your group's name will be featured prominently at the beginning and end of the section of road you adopt.

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Report on Your Quarterly Cleanups


                                       Current Roads:

Road Adopted by:
SW 8th Ave. between SW 91st St. and Tower Rd.
Fort Clark Blvd. From W Newberry Rd. to NW 23 Av. Trilogy School  
N Main St. between 39th Ave. and 8th Ave. Gainesville Cycling Club       
NE 16th Ave. between NE 2nd St. and Waldo Rd.           
NE 16th Ave. between NW 13th St. and NE 2nd St.  Alachua County Emerging Leaders
North Main St. NE 23 Av./NE 39 Av.
NW 16 Av. From NW 13 St. to North Main St.
NW 16 Av. From NW 34 St. to NW 13th St.
NW 16 Blvd. From NW 43 St. to NW 34 St. SharpSpring 
NW 23 Av. from NW 59 Terr. To NW 43 St.
NW 23 Av. from NW 83 St.To NW 59 Terr.
NW 23 Av. From NW 98 St. to NW 83 St.
NW 23rd Ave. between NW 83rd St. and NW 43rd St.
NW 39 Av. From NW 143 St. To NW 108 Blvd.
NW 43 St. from 39 Av. To NW 53 Av.
NW 43 St. from NW 53 Av. To NW 73 Av. K. Olmos PhD 
NW 43 St. From SR-26 to NW 8 Av.
NW 51st St.- from NW 23 Av. To NW 39 Av.
NW 55 St./NW 27 Av. from NW 23 Av. To NW 51 St.
NW 83 St. from NW 23 Av. To NW 39 Av.
NW 98 St. from Newberry Rd. (SR 26) to NW 23 Av.
SE 15th St. Between Hawthorne Rd. and SE 41st Ave.
SE 27 St. from SE 41 Av. To Hawthorne Rd.
SE 35th St. from Hawthorne Rd. South
SE 43 St. from Hawthorne Rd. to NE SR-26 Sigma Kappa 
SW 20 Av. From I-75 to SW 34 St.
SW 24 Av. From SW 122 St. to SW 91 St. The Rock 
SW 24 Av. From SW 91 St. to SW 75 St. Oak Hall Middle School
SW 24th Ave. between SW 122nd St. and SW 75th St.
SW 42/43 St. from SW 20 Av. To 40 Blvd.
SW 46 Blvd. From the end of 46 Blvd. To Tower Road
SW 75 St. from SW 42 Pl. to SW 24 Av.
SW 75 St. from W. Univ. Ave. to SW 24 Av.
SW 8 Av. From SW 91 Av. To SW 75 St.
SW 8 Av. between SW 91st St. and SW 122nd  Alachua County Humane Society 
SW 91 St. from NW 83 St to NW 39 Av.
SW 91st St. between Newberry Rd. and SW 8th Ave
SW 91st St. between SW 8th Ave. and SW 24th Ave. Gator Scooter 
W Univ. Av. Ext. from NW 75 St. to East End
SW 170th St, from 14C Rd. to SW 139th Ave  Matchmaker Realty
Millhopper Road from NW 43rd Street to the the entrance of Springforest Subdivision. Maurice Santasier, A Teacher for a Lifetime



            The Drive It Home campaign is funded by a grant to
             Keep Alachua County Beautiful from the State of Florida.


               download.png                              Rick Scott, 45th Governor of Florida

                          Carlos Lopez-Cantera, 19th Lt. Governor of Florida                                                                                            

The Florida Department of Transportation has a new and exciting campaign that KACB will be helping out with in 2015. The Drive It Home campaign aims to "Keep Our Paradise Litter-Free" and focuses on reducing roadside litter, much of which can create dangerous driving conditions.

Did you know that more than 25,000 accidents are caused by vehicle-related road debris each year in the U.S.? (FDOT)

Let's help to reduce those numbers and keep our county clean, too!

Ways You Can Help

    • Dispose of trash in its proper receptacles
    • Keep a bag for trash in your car
    • Refrain from throwing trash out of the car window
    • Secure your load when you carry trash or loose items in or on your vehicle


Adopt-A-Highway Program

To learn more, please visit

Litter-Hotline number: 1-800-BAN-LIFT(er) /1-800-226-5488


Stay tuned for more information, or visit


Did you know that cigarette butts are the most littered item in the United States and across the globe? With your help they don't have to be! Join us as we kick-start the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program in the downtown Gainesville area. Local businesses, city officials and perhaps your next door neighbors will all play crucial roles in this program, and so can you. The success of the CLPP will depend on the people of Gainesville and the new patterns of behavior they will need to adopt in order to change this pressing issue.

Our initial efforts began with a cigarette litter scan on sixteen streets in downtown Gainesville. In two afternoons, we were able to collect nearly 7,000 littered cigarette butts in the proximity of those streets. The behavior of littering cigarette butts and cigar tips is an issue that needs immediate attention. One littered cigarette butt will turn into one pack of littered cigarette butts, which will turn into one unsightly issue. With this program, we want to change the patterns of behavior of Gainesville smokers by educating the community on the issues of cigarette litter and why it matters. To ensure the goals of the CLPP can be met, smokers will be provided with cigarette butt containers to dispose of their used butts. The containers will be placed at strategic locations for smokers to use. Below is a photo of the collected littered cigarette butts in a portion of the downtown Gainesville area.

Cigarette Litter Prevention Program  -Learn more about Keep America Beautful and their Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. 


Members of UF's Alphi Phi Omega pick up cigarette butts during a CLPP scan. 




Our cigarette butt containers have been placed throughout Downtown Gainesville! You can find them on street corners and by popular restaurants and bars. If you see someone putting the cigarette butt container to good use, snap a pic and #CLPPGville 


Sept. 4, 2013

    IMG 28701 

BUNDLES OF BUTTS-  Our interns spent a weekend afternoon walking along downtown streets and collecting nearly 7,000 littered cigarette butts. The data collected during this scan will serve as preliminary data for the CLPP.



*It is important to note that this program is not an anti-smoking campaign.


Graffiti Hurts Prevention Program


About Keep America Beautiful

kacb, ‘keep alachua county beautiful’, gainesville, florida, fl, alachua, cleanup, volunteer, groups, ‘volunteer hours’, ‘community work’, ‘environmental protection’, ‘environmental preservation’, litter, ‘reduce waste’, ‘community conservation’, recycling, projects, ‘great american cleanup’,  education,  abatement,  pollution, ‘graffiti abatement’, ‘community cleanups’, ‘mickie mackenzie’Keep Alachua County Beautiful has an ongoing commitment to educating the community about the importance of recycling.

The recycling goal for Alachua County is a 75% reduction in solid waste by the year 2020.  Keep Alachua County is the recipient of Keep America Beautiful's Nestle Waters Award for top PET (plastic bottle) recycling during the 2011 Great American Cleanup.